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A tweet from Roast magazine led me to Hive and an article by Davis Miller with five reasons you should never say no to coffee.  We have been saying over and over that coffee is really a wonderful drink with exciting health benefits.  After many years of study, it is looking like coffee is more beneficial than tea in many instances.  People think that they have to cut out coffee due to caffeine, but few realize that it actually helps your body in many ways.

Most folks who are reading this can relate with a cup of PANIOLA 100% Kona Cowboy Coffee, or CAFÉ PINON de Nuevo Mexico, or COWBOY ACTION COFFEE (shameless plugs) in the morning, but please share this with those do not partake.  Your non-caffeinated friends may want to have a look at the studies below as they could be missing out on the bigger picture of what caffeine and coffee can do for your overall health.

Never Say NO to the Potential Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

§  Never say NO to a lower stroke risk.  Coffee consumption has been associated with a lower stroke risk.  A recent meta-analysis published in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that the strongest association was for those who consume between 3-4 cups per day who had a 17% lower risk.

§  Never say NO to an Increased memory function.  Current research studies show that the caffeine in coffee improves cognitive memory and relational thought processes. Focus and mental clarity are also improved for about 2 hours past consumption. 2 cups a day is optimum for this.

§  Never say NO to Increased regularity.  Coffee is a natural body function accelerant for a quite a few reasons, the main one being regular in bowels movements. Warm liquids start the body’s functions when you have that first cup when you start to increase liquid consumption levels in your body. Remaining hydrated is the main way to prevent daily constipation. Coffee has powerful stimulants which encourage muscle movements to contract in the digestive tract forcing waste to move on down the road. It is one thing that people with IBM are told to try first.

§  Never say NO to a chance that you could lessen the risk of overall disease. Strong antioxidants in just one cup coffee have been shown to lessen the inherent risks of heart disease in men and women, Type I and Type II diabetes, certain cell cancers, and Parkinson’s disease. Coffee can help relieve asthma by opening airways and prevent cavities by working with your body to product natural bacteriacidal compounds.

§  Never say NO to Increased overall stamina and endurance.  Marathoners take note. Current Studies show with drinking one cup of coffee before working out or running, can increase endurance and help stamina by about 40%.  Coffee lessens muscle pain. Coffee drinkers that have a cup of coffee an hour before a working out can avoid post-workout tenderness, while shortening the after effects. Taking one stimulant pill equal to 2 cups of coffee in caffeine consumption can have the same effects as drinking your caffeine.

Although coffee consumption is at an all time high and health benefits are there (with tea too!), it isn’t a magical beverage in any way. Caffeine is listed and considered a drug by the government and should be treated as such.  Over consumption can elevate blood pressure, add very irregular sleep issues, migraine and tension headaches, and endocrine and digestive problems. Stick with 300 milligrams of caffeinated drinks in the span of a day (average adult).

The basics for post were contributed by Davis Miller, a nutrition expert who eats vigilantly and advises the same to others.

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You know you’re a coffee fiend when you're offended when people use the word "brew" to mean beer!  So enjoy your coffee, make it Kona, and remember, Kona is the home of the Hawaiian cowboy…and we had cowboys in Kona before there were cowboys in Texas!

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