Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We're fighting higher prices...but...

Uh, oh…might be a slight price adjustment for 2012.

Aloha kakahiaka!  (Good morning in Hawai’ian)  Here in Ruidoso, New Mexico we just say “howdy.”  Happy Tuesday morning and greetings to all you coffee fiends.   That’s fiends not friends.  I know how you really feel about coffee!  The purpose of this blog is to unite coffee lovers, especially lovers of Kona coffee, and perhaps learn a little about coffee and all the benefits of coffee at the same time.

The Kona Cowboy Coffee Company might have to make a relatively small price adjustment in 2012.   Frankly, we put off having any price increase as long as we possibly could, but I am sure you can appreciate that with so many ingredients, shipping and production expenses becoming more expensive, at some point we simply will have to make an adjustment – but we will keep the increase to the bare minimum.   Some other manufacturers have addressed rising costs instead with tampering with their formulations to less quality ingredients and/or by paying less attention to detail in production, but that’s not what we’d do.  So we hope you understand, and if and when we do, we will provide plenty of notice to get in any orders you need before the new price list goes into effect.

Do you want FREE coffee?  The first Kona Coffee fan who comes to the Kona Cowboy Coffee Company's Cowboy Coffee Saloon at upcoming events will get a free, that's FREE bag of CAFE PINON de Nuevo Mexico...our newest fusion coffee made with a proprietary blend of central American coffees and real New Mexico pine nuts!  Look for us November 26 – 27 at the Christmas Fantasy in Roswell, NM and December 1 – 4 at the Single Action Shooting Society’s Annual Convention, Wild West Christmas and Wild West Performing Arts Society World Championships at the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

Our new SASS COWBOY ACTION Coffee will be debuted at the SASS Convention!  Blended, roasted and packaged exclusively for members of the Single Action Shooting Society, COWBOY ACTION Coffee is a medium dark roast proprietary blend of exotic African and Indonesian coffees chosen for their strapping flavor, deep body and unique taste.

We’d appreciate it if Facebook users would “LIKE” the Kona Cowboy Coffee Company page at www.facebook.com/pages/Kona-Cowboy-Coffee-Company/222070817858553.  Just copy and paste to your browser.  You can also follow us on Twitter at jackshuster.

If you wish to purchase our PANIOLA 100% Kona Cowboy Coffee , CAFÉ PINON de Nuevo Mexico or SASS COWBOY ACTION Coffee just call me at 575-257-8593 or send an emule to KonaCowboyCoffee@aol.com.

We also want to thank all our direct customers and our retailers for making 2011 such a successful year, and as always, we really enjoy working with you all – you see you as part of our extended family.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Enjoy your coffee, make it Kona, and remember, Kona is the home of the Hawaiian cowboy…and we had cowboys in Kona before there were cowboys in Texas!

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